Election Day Turkey Dinner


                                       Rushford United Methodist Church

      Annual Turkey Dinner, Nov 3 Take Outs Only.


   Turkey,dressing, mashed potatoes, squash, cranberries, and dessert!

 Donations accepted

Attention Everybody!!!!!!!!!

Paragraph 213 Ministry Audit Meeting Schedule Northern Allegany Connection

Date                                                 5pm                                                        7pm

Orientation session

9/9/2020 Wednesday            Caneadea                                             Friends in Christ

9/10/2020 Thursday               Rushford                                               Belfast


9/22/2020 Tuesday                Rushford                                               Belfast

9/23/2020 Wednesday         Caneadea                                             Friends in Christ


10/6/2020 Tuesday               Rushford                                                 Belfast

10/7/2020 Wednesday        Caneadea                                                Friends in Christ


No Meeting – Final Reports Due Only this week!

10/20/2020 Tuesday            Rushford                                                  Belfast

10/21/2020 Wednesday      Caneadea                                                Friends in Christ


11/10/2020 Tuesday              Rushford                                                  Belfast

11/12/2020 Thursday            Caneadea                                                Friends in Christ

Greetings church, Your District Superintendent has invited your church to participate in a study of ministry potential and vitality in accordance with ¶ 213 in THE BOOK OF DISCIPLINE.

The function of the local church under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, is to help people to accept and confess Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and to live their daily lives in light of their relationship with God. Therefore, the local church is to minister to persons in the community where the church is located, to provide appropriate training and nurture to all, to cooperate in ministry with other local churches, to defend God’s creation and live as an ecologically responsible community, and to participate in the worldwide mission of the church, as minimal expectations of an authentic church.” Paragraph 202, BOD 2016

This ministry audit is a wonderful tool and opportunity to reflect and assesses where the church has been and what the best direction forward can be.

The ¶213 process schedule allows two weeks between the five steps for completion.

All sessions are open. Leaders, members and interested parties are encouraged to attend. The leadership is also encouraged to make communication of the ¶213 process a priority in their congregation.

All ¶213 sessions are led by trained facilitators. Susan Hardy; conference laity leader. PJ Pasieka; Pastor of the Frewsburg Trinity UMC. Kathy Piper; District building and church location. Rev. Suzanne Block; District Superintendent.

Belfast Backpack Ministry

Greetings friends, This years  Backpack Ministry gave away 96 backpacks this past Saturday. If you are in need of one pleases email us at or call 585-365-2529 and we will make arrangments to get you one.

This ministries mission is to provide the grade specific school supplies to all children as they prepare to return to their studies.  

If you wishing contribute to this ministry, the following items are the most needed. Please contact us at or call 585-365-2529 and leave a message to make arrangments to drop off.

Composition notebooks wide line

Composition notebooks (college rule 100+pages)

Sticky notes

highlighters (some blue and green specifically)

glue sticks

pink erasers

plastic folders


1"- 3 ring binders

2"- 3 ring binders

Elmer's glue bottles


Baby wipes

Hand Sanitizer


Lets Worship

Remember the days when drive-in theater was common? Well, we are now doing drive-in worship! For the safety of all who gather together, we MUST follow some guidelines to make sure that we are being a Christ-led breath of fresh air that doesn’t contaminate the world. These guidelines are not optional. All of our safety depends on it.

Starting Sunday May 31, you are invited to park in front of the church at 2 Chapel St. in Belfast. Gathering beginning at 9:30. Service will begin at 10am. Tune in on the radio to 88.1. Pull in off Merton and we will exit onto Hughes St. following worship.

While at Church: • Nobody is to get out of their cars for any reason while parking in front of or near the church. If you desire to join us from the park you may park on Hughes street or 19 and practice social distancing of at least 6ft form others outside your household. The Church will not be open – even for the restroom. If you need to leave early to go to the restroom, God understands and so will we. You will use your FM radio to tune into 88.1 for worship. 

Who can be in your car? Only your social distancing/quarantine buddies. So, families who reside in the same house can be together in the same vehicle. 

If it storms, we will still have worship. I may have to be inside the Church while everyone else listens from their vehicles.

Please bring your Bible, and remember to print the bulliten for this announcment page or simply view on your device.

If you do not feel safe attending drive in worship the online worship will continue. Please dont let the online be a substitute for gathering weekly to worship when you do feel safe to gather. I also will be starting midweek bible studies as needed.

From the desk of Bishop Webb

"He has told you, O mortal, what is good; and what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?" -Micah 6.8
As the world continues to deal with the impact of the Coronavirus, we find ourselves facing the reality of another virus that has impacted our lives and societies, damaging our souls for far too long - the virus of racism.
The tragic killing of George Floyd by a police officer in Minneapolis is yet another horrendous chapter in the injustice and system of racism that exists in our culture and remains unresolved. The cries for justice and change are ultimately not in response to this most recent event, but to the reality of the virus of racism left unchecked for centuries!
I pray with those who protest this injustice peacefully as they demand change. I am moved by the witness of law enforcement and other community leaders who are committed to justice and change, as they join the protests in spirit and action. I fervently pray that agendas not aligned to the protests seeking change in our reality of racism will lose their foothold.
I must confess that I feel overwhelmed and inadequate in how to respond and even to lead in the times we are experiencing. My spirit is heavy, and my soul mourns. Yet I know this - I must lead in the injustice of racism. I must acknowledge my privilege, confess that at times I have been complicit in racism and say enough is enough; our God calls us to a different way.
I commit to increasing my efforts against the virus of racism and I call on every follower of Jesus Christ in the Upper New York Conference of the United Methodist Church to do the same. The change we need is deep, it is systemic. We must continue to work diligently to change the systems that allow racism to continue.
Within the Upper New York Conference we have been calling one another to do the work of "Imagining No Racism." I am deeply appreciative of the work and leadership provided by the Upper New York Conference Committee on Religion and Race for the resources they have developed and the ways they seek to equip us. I urge all of us to engage those resources and begin to lead the way in destroying the virus of racism. There can no longer be excuses for why this is not our work to do. I join several of my colleague Bishops in recommending that every white leader, clergy, and lay purchase and read the book: White Fragility: Why It's So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism (2018) by Robin DiAngelo. Not just to accomplish reading a book, but to be better equipped to lead the church in eliminating racism.
As the Church of Jesus Christ, we must also respond to a call to repentance within our own lives regarding racism and issue that call throughout the land in the name of Jesus Christ. Racism is sin! It is sin that perpetuates injustice. It is sin that maintains systems of oppression. The only solution to the reality of sin is a heart, mind, spirit and life transformed by the person of Jesus Christ! In these days, as the Church of Jesus Christ, let us make sure our allegiance is to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and nothing else. It is only the truth of the Gospel and the person of Jesus that fully drives out darkness, changes hearts, heals wounds, and sets us free!
The Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr once said, "Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that". The love of God through Jesus the Christ is the answer and it's our call to boldly offer Jesus to the world around us. As we celebrate Pentecost, we are reminded that the Holy Spirit has equipped and empowered us to be witnesses of the transforming truth and reality of Jesus. Our world needs the Church of Jesus Christ to boldly live our mission in word, action and deed.
May I say yes! May you say yes! May we say yes!
Grace and Peace,
Bishop Mark J. Webb 

Worship schedule

Good Evening!


I hope you all are well, and that you are finding grace and strength for this time!


A couple of things that I wanted to share…


As I sit and ponder the current events I recieved an email from Reverend Suzanne Block, District Superintendent Cornerstone District with the following guiedlines from national and state mandates and recommendations, as well as what has been shared by the Council of Churches.


• Do not gather together in person!

• Do not bring people in for “drive-thru” anything except essential activities such as food pantry pick-ups or medical testing

• Do not gather “drive-in” style in vehicles for worship

• Maintain these guidelines at least through the month of April. We will update as we have guidance.


My heart, and your hearts, would be crushed if we were the cause of people getting sick and possibly dying because we disregarded the pleas of medical experts trying to mitigate the devastation of this virus! I do NOT want to see a news report about the virus being spread due to the activity of one of our churches. How heartbreaking that would be!


God has given us many gifts in this time – medical personnel with knowledge and experience, media for disseminating information and advice, technology as simple as telephones and as complex as internet connection to allow us to stay connected with one another, and many creative ways to encourage and support one another.


We will continue to use the means possible to share the good news and stay connected during the covid-19 crisis. Please do not hesitate to call or email or text or message me with any other questions you might have, or just because you need to talk!


Grace and peace, Pastor Craig

Update from Pastor Craig

Dear Members and Friends of the

Northern Allegany United Methodist Church’s,

Greetings in the Name of the God who calls us Beloved.

I am writing to you today to share important information about our church’s as our world faces the Covid-19 pandemic.

With guidance from our political and church leaders, I have decided it is time to temporarily suspend gathering for worship on Sunday mornings, meetings, or other events, where two or more gather in person. At this time, I am thinking through the best way to continue corporate worship while in this time of social distancing.

This is a VERY hard decision, because we love each other and treasure our opportunities to gather together. This love also compels us to take the best care of each other that we can and suspending corporate worship for a time.

We will plan to stay in touch by telephone and social media platforms. If you or someone that you know is in need of ANYTHING, please contact me at the church office, 585-365-2529 (church office) or cell phone 716-410-6049 (Pastor Craig). With our church doors abandon for now, it’s time for us to show that the church has never been about the building.

It is my hope and dream is that when we are again able to gather in person for worship, that there is a tsunami of people who gather in our churches because they are hungry to come and worship with people who have so clearly demonstrated the love of Christ to them in this difficult time!!!

Finally friends, hold onto the faith we share in the love and power of our God and savior. Continue to seek after that peace that surpasses all understanding even in the midst of the chaos of the world around us. May we be the vessel God can use to bring order into this chaos. May we all seek ways in these days to share the awesome love of God with neighbors, friends, and strangers. Look for God in these days – I believe God is active and all around us!

In Christ Love, Pastor Craig